Massage Therapy

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The healing benefits of massage
We often think of massage as a luxurious way to treat and pamper ourselves. Studies show, however, that massage therapy is more than just a feel-good experience but can contribute to improved health and well-being. Research shows that massage:

Increases levels of the good-mood chemicals serotonin and dopamine (the same chemicals increased by some antidepressant medications)
Physically loosens tight muscles, ligaments and tendons
Causes the body to release food-absorption hormones and decrease levels of cortisol, the stress chemical that makes us feel emotionally and physically tense and hinders our ability to focus; cortisol has also been show to decrease the immune system’s activity

This means that people who get regular massages and practice other stress-reduction techniques may better resist or more easily recover from diseases than others.

According to AMTA’s annual survey, more than 39 million Americans received a massage in the last year, and almost one out of three people (30 percent) who had a massage in the past five years received massages for “medical/health reasons” other than stress relief. More than half (53 percent) who discussed massage with their healthcare providers say their doctor recommended they get massage therapy.


Massage Services
Swedish Massage – Promotes general relaxation and is the most stress relieving style of massage. Circulation and range of motion are improved as tension in the muscles is released. Trigger point therapy and deep muscle therapy may be used to release chronic tension in the body along with the use of slow strokes and a gradual release of the muscles.

Myofascial Massage – Body Work that is very therapeutic. The therapist works with the muscles as well as the fascia that lies between the skin surface and the muscles. This is a combination of therapist and client working together to stretch and lenghten the muscle groups. The technique is used to relieve chronic pain and soothes tired muscles.

Lymphatic Massage – This unique treatment combines massage and therapeutic grade essentail oils to help your body’s natural defense system prepare for the cold and flu season. Aromatherapy accentuates the healing process.

Sports Massage – Technique used to focus on muscles relevant to athletic activity. A combination of massage is used to restore muscle function and keep the body in optimal condition. Both pre-event and post-event massage is available.

Oh Those Aching Feet – This half hour session is for those who forget about their feet until they are screaming at them. A refreshing peppermint lotion is used on the feet and calf areas to increase circulation and release tension. Thousands of nerve endings in our feet refer to other areas of the body which makes this session a totally relaxing experience.

Massages take place in a quiet and comfortable environment. Warm oil or lotion and relaxing music are used to enhance the benefits of massage. During the massage you are professionally draped at all times and only the body part being worked on is uncovered.

One hour Sessions ~ $60.00

1/2 Hour Sessions ~ $40.00